The aim of Terminal Space, supplement for the Original Edition role-playing game, is to add a new ruleset to help transfer the game to an entire new dimension which space exploration is. Any additional materials were created with a thought on settings heavily based in Science Fiction and Science Fantasy genres than most of the materials created for the game so far. Even though this data is not complete I hope that somebody will find them useful.
Game download is available for free, also you can buy printed version (without art) on Lulu. latest available version is 1.4.
Contact: necro_cyber [at] o2 [dot] pl

Bunch of fresh ideas

I'm thinking about creating version 1.2, which will be slightly bigger than 1.0 & 1.1. Here are some ideas:
  • Mi-Go Character Class (not too weird? :D);
  • Some additional spells (i.e. Control Robot, Jam Signal, EMP Bolt...);
  • About ten (maybe twenty) examples of ships, including very exotic ones (Crystal Spire, Worldship, Fungal Battlecruiser and so on);
  • Some "spaceship - sized" monsters;
  • More ancient and alien artifacts.


  1. Sounds great to me. Although would it be a Migo class or race?

  2. I hunger for this.


  3. Migo will be a class, it's same thing as race in OD&D :-)

  4. Yes! This will be fun! Mi-Go cyborgs and Elder Things wielding shoggoth-derived weapons and Polyps inhabiting time-dislocated coral-spires...the Dark Worlds Beyond beckon...
    Let's go!

  5. I printed out v1.1 in booklet form and seems the font is a bit small. I hope you can make it bigger in v1.2