The aim of Terminal Space, supplement for the Original Edition role-playing game, is to add a new ruleset to help transfer the game to an entire new dimension which space exploration is. Any additional materials were created with a thought on settings heavily based in Science Fiction and Science Fantasy genres than most of the materials created for the game so far. Even though this data is not complete I hope that somebody will find them useful.
Game download is available for free, also you can buy printed version (without art) on Lulu. latest available version is 1.4.
Contact: necro_cyber [at] o2 [dot] pl

Terminal Space blog is closed. Time has showed that I am unable to maintain two blogs at the same time, so I decided to move all creative content from here on my second blog, leaving only past news about the supplement.

Game can be downloaded via Box widget below or direct link. It can be also viewed on Scribd. Printed version without art (legal issues) can be purchased via Lulu webstore.

Any news about Terminal Space will now be posted on the Underworld Kingdom blog.